Massive scandal: my opponent, Kent Smith, is accused of diverting funds from Euclid Democratic Club.

Many committed life-long staunch Democrats are dropping support for my opponent Kent Smith.  They are very upset that one of their own has been diverting checks from the Democratic Club and diverting to an account which he controlled.

This is now the biggest scandal in town after his swastika book and Fitzgerald’s license:

Worth repeating: Mikhail Alterman’s positive agenda for District 08


Mikhail Alterman seeks to become a legislator who wants to be instrumental bringing a better quality of life for all residents of the Greater Cleveland Area and the 8th Ohio House District. Much of this can be accomplished through:
+ Providing the best quality of education for all children of the area through requiring school performance accountability and allowing more parent input into school alternatives.
+ Legislating a temporary SALES TAX HOLIDAY for back to school expenses. (This concept is borrowed from a very successful model in Texas.)
+ Attracting more businesses to the Greater Cleveland area by making the area more competitive and more appealing to job creators, and increasing focus on cost effectiveness of state regulations on business.
+ Reforming governance of North East Ohio Sewer District, thereby reducing or eliminating unnecessary sewer cost increases.
+ Revising planned sewer projects and EPA agreements to avoid planned unreasonable sewer bill increases.


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Alterman post card, final, page 1

Alterman post card, final, page 2

More coverage on blasphemous and generally offensive book with swastikas


Well said:

Among interesting comments, sparking controversy:   “one could argue, then, that the book is actually anti-Semitic in nature as it is attacking a conservative Jewish man. Let’s point out those dog whistles, eh?”

Also interesting:

What does one get for ‘F’?

My opponent’s background is 12 years on Euclid School Board.  Let’s take a look at it.
The status of compensation in Euclid schools: elevated.
Please note, the compensation is shown in parts due to different assignments.

Daniel Esquevel made $165,000 last year.  Among other things he is a chef:
How many people in NEO Media Group or in Euclid make more than $165,000?  Got openings in cafeteria?

Four years ago Lincoln Elementary in Euclid sported an average salary over $75,000.  
That’s with summers off, significant benefits, sizable pensions, etc.  Although this particular school closed, the compensation kept getting more elevated via contracts with automatic pay raises.

How many tax levies has Euclid in 12 years had to pay for this?  By my count there were 7 attempts with 3 passing.  There may be more, it’s getting harder to count.  This is not going to stop: there is one more levy coming very shortly:

I understand North East Ohio Media Group has a lot to cover and it probably didn’t look into Euclid compensation or tax levy trends.  Did anyone at North East Ohio Media Group look into Euclid school performance?  Maybe all that money is worth it?

F.  That’s the grade for Euclid City schools on the report card done by Ohio Department of Education.  There is now too little difference between Euclid and East Cleveland.  The number of six figure salaries in Euclid schools is revolting.  Again, that’s with summers off, significant benefits, sizable pensions, etc.

Who presided over this disaster?  My opponent, Kent Smith.  12 years on school board, the entire time, the longest serving member.  He even got awards for such failure.  Awards from the very interest groups that lobby for elevated compensation.
There is at least one October surprise coming.  We have had very strong suspicions that a person with such awful performance running for public office probably has other problems to be exposed.  We are preparing press releases.



The main reason why Kent Smith never missed a school board meeting: he gets paid for each meeting.  Take a look at his lack of steady job, business, or address.

Just like the case with Fitzgerald, the Democratic Party didn’t vet Kent Smith either.

Troubling militarization of our police forces


Great read!

where’s the Republican Party on the militarization of domestic policing?”
Great question.  I’ve been a very consistent small government advocate.  Government needs to stay out of people lives and intervene when necessary.  The footage from MO is not encouraging.   The USA doesn’t need to be tyrannical like Soviet Union used to be.  I am 100% against over-militarization of domestic police.  A troubling number of our constitutional rights have been thrown out of the proverbial window in MO.

This is not a pro or anti police issue.  It’s a constitutional issue.


Michelle McCaskill, media relations chief at the Defense Logistics Agency, confirms that the Ferguson Police Department is part of a federal program called 1033 that distributes hundreds of millions of dollars of surplus military equipment to civilian police forces across the United States. The materials range from small items, such as pistols and automatic rifles, to heavy armored vehicles such as the MRAPs used in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
Good point raised:

Have the feds take back all the armored vehicles they’ve given to police departments and send them to the Kurds.”

Also ultra important is freedom of the press:

The normally bland to unacceptable CNN anchor nails it: “how do you distinguish between the “gutsy” reporters and the one the administration is threatening to put in jail?”


American values first, foreign laws need not apply

This seems obvious to some: American laws and the state of Ohio laws in particular should be the only considerations in our judicial system.  However, some judges started to decide cases with Islamic and foreign laws in mind.  For example, the Brooklyn case of a Pakistani guy beating his wife to death with a stick for cooking a wrong soup.    Among many issues involved here are women’s rights and American sovereignty.


Mr Hussein used “a stick that the family had found in the street and used to stir their laundry in a washtub”. So, aside from a new wife, the poor guy now has to get a new laundry stick. His attorney says we need to be more culturally sensitive.”


The Canadian courts have already started considering ‘cultural sensitivities.  Only 60 days in jail for killing one’s daughter?!


I am stunned that Ohio House Bill 13 is not getting through ultra fast in Ohio House.  I will be very much a co-sponsor of Ohio House Bill 513:

As one East Cleveland voter told me: “They are here.  They are in America.  We follow American laws, not Islamic ones.”