Troubling militarization of our police forces


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where’s the Republican Party on the militarization of domestic policing?”
Great question.  I’ve been a very consistent small government advocate.  Government needs to stay out of people lives and intervene when necessary.  The footage from MO is not encouraging.   The USA doesn’t need to be tyrannical like Soviet Union used to be.  I am 100% against over-militarization of domestic police.  A troubling number of our constitutional rights have been thrown out of the proverbial window in MO.

This is not a pro or anti police issue.  It’s a constitutional issue.


Michelle McCaskill, media relations chief at the Defense Logistics Agency, confirms that the Ferguson Police Department is part of a federal program called 1033 that distributes hundreds of millions of dollars of surplus military equipment to civilian police forces across the United States. The materials range from small items, such as pistols and automatic rifles, to heavy armored vehicles such as the MRAPs used in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
Good point raised:

Have the feds take back all the armored vehicles they’ve given to police departments and send them to the Kurds.”

Also ultra important is freedom of the press:

The normally bland to unacceptable CNN anchor nails it: “how do you distinguish between the “gutsy” reporters and the one the administration is threatening to put in jail?”