Worth repeating: Mikhail Alterman’s positive agenda for District 08


Mikhail Alterman seeks to become a legislator who wants to be instrumental bringing a better quality of life for all residents of the Greater Cleveland Area and the 8th Ohio House District. Much of this can be accomplished through:
+ Providing the best quality of education for all children of the area through requiring school performance accountability and allowing more parent input into school alternatives.
+ Legislating a temporary SALES TAX HOLIDAY for back to school expenses. (This concept is borrowed from a very successful model in Texas.)
+ Attracting more businesses to the Greater Cleveland area by making the area more competitive and more appealing to job creators, and increasing focus on cost effectiveness of state regulations on business.
+ Reforming governance of North East Ohio Sewer District, thereby reducing or eliminating unnecessary sewer cost increases.
+ Revising planned sewer projects and EPA agreements to avoid planned unreasonable sewer bill increases.


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Alterman post card, final, page 1

Alterman post card, final, page 2