Lower cost of living: water bills

North East Ohio is already paying more for water than many parts of Texas and Arizona.  Unlike TX and AZ, we have a LOT of fresh water.

Many people in the district are already paying more for water than they are paying for electricity or gas.  And we are not done yet.  The bills are on target to rise 300%!!!  We haven’t voted on such increases.  North East Ohio Sewer District overlords decided they should squeeze us.  They are already tied up in massive law suits.  Businesses are already passing on the increased costs.  Renters are noticing more and more landlords pushing water bills onto tenants.

As a State Representative I plan to crack down on North East Ohio Sewer District for intentionally driving up our costs of living.


More information:  Citizens Reform Association Cuyahoga County  http://www.citizens-reform.org


Since its beginning, I’ve been supporting CRACC and all its efforts to reign in rising water and sewer costs.


Citizens fighting big government to keep costs of water and sewer under control.