American values first, foreign laws need not apply

This seems obvious to some: American laws and the state of Ohio laws in particular should be the only considerations in our judicial system.  However, some judges started to decide cases with Islamic and foreign laws in mind.  For example, the Brooklyn case of a Pakistani guy beating his wife to death with a stick for cooking a wrong soup.    Among many issues involved here are women’s rights and American sovereignty.


Mr Hussein used “a stick that the family had found in the street and used to stir their laundry in a washtub”. So, aside from a new wife, the poor guy now has to get a new laundry stick. His attorney says we need to be more culturally sensitive.”


The Canadian courts have already started considering ‘cultural sensitivities.  Only 60 days in jail for killing one’s daughter?!


I am stunned that Ohio House Bill 13 is not getting through ultra fast in Ohio House.  I will be very much a co-sponsor of Ohio House Bill 513:

As one East Cleveland voter told me: “They are here.  They are in America.  We follow American laws, not Islamic ones.”